Trademark Information in Panama

The documents required for the filing of a trademark application in Panama are the following: 

  1. Name and address of the owner.
  2. Name of the trademark
  3. Class (es)
  4. Description of goods and/or services.
  5. Power of Attorney executed by an officer of the applicant. This document does not require legalization nor notarization.  Original is required.
  6. Indicate if the trademark is used in Panama.
  7. Two (2) labels with the design or colors that are to be claimed. 

Register Procedure 

Once the application for the registration of a trademark has been filed the Trademarks Office will examine and determine if the formal and content requirements are met; this examination process can take about three months. Once the application has been examined, the trademark is published in the Bulletin of Industrial Property.  Oppositions may be filed within a period of two (2) months counted from the date of publication.  If no opposition is filed, the Trademarks Office will issue the Certificate of Registration.  

Estimated Time 

If there’s no Opposition Process and all the requirements are met, the duration of the registration process is approximately six to eight months. 

Validity of the Registry 

The trademark will be registered for a term of ten (10) years, counted from the date of filing of the application. The trademark may be renewed for an additional ten (10) year period, indefinitely. There is a grace period of six (6) months after the expiration date of the registration to request the renewal of the trademark by paying an additional late fee of US$ 10.00 per month. During this grace period, the registration will maintain its full validity.


Farah Molino

Senior Partner

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