Strategy & Governance Consultants

The structures, processes, and people that rule an organization have a fundamental impact on its performance. Governance is a matter of compliance and plays a vital role in driving organizational development aligned with business principles, strategies, and goals, significantly impacting the stakeholders of each organization.

There is no universal governance framework that will work for all organizations. The design and implementation of an effective governance system must consider factors such as business model, sector, size, and operating environment.  For that reason, our consulting unit’s approach to strategy and corporate governance is tailored to our clients’ circumstances.

We are confident that, with our team specialized in the theoretical and practical aspects of governance, combined with a vast experience participating as directors, advisors, and committee members, we can offer high-quality advice. This new range of services is intended to bring us even closer to our clients and to be able to accompany them in their future challenges.

It is our philosophy that every organization requires a good system of checks and balances, and in that sense the participation of independent advisors, counselors or directors can contribute and oxygenate the organization. Practical governance is achieved with a hierarchical design where each group knows its roles and responsibilities, to whom they are accountable and on what matters they can decide. At the same time, leadership groups must promote cohesion, and be able to draw on diverse points of view and promote group decision-making.

In order to promote better performance and strengthen the structures of the organizations, we offer the following services:


  • Consultancy in business transformation
  • Family businesses.
  • Businesses going public.
  • M&A Preparation.
  • Alignment of the top of the organization.
  • Design of a sustainable strategy aligned with the organization.
  • Design and implementation of a strategic training
  • Review and adaptation of the business model.

Corporate Governance:

  • Design of governance policies and procedures.
  • Review and diagnosis of governance effectiveness.
  • Design and role definition of the members of the government structures (boards, committees, etc.).
  • Training for board members and executives
  • Inductions for board members.
  • Succession plan.
  • Board dynamics.
  • Anti-corruption policy implementation.
  • Independent director and/or committee member services.

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