FABREGA MOLINO has a shipping department integrated by attorneys and legal assistants to render these specialized shipping finance services. The firm provides a wide range of legal services connected with vessels and mortgage registrations, and ship financing transactions. 

Panama has a continuous objective to provide maritime-related services of the highest level through its Registry, one of the oldest in the world, founded in 1925 and first place in the international merchant fleet. 

Since Panama may have differences in time shift concerning some of the common countries involved in the shipping business, FABREGA MOLINO offers a 24- hour service, which affects all aspects of vessels’ management.

FABREGA MOLINO offers to its clients a wide range of maritime services such as the following: 

  • Ships Enrollments.
  • Extension of Prov. Patent and Radio.
  • License Renewal of Patent.
  • Obtainment of Radio License Final Deletion Certificate.
  • Continuous Synopsys Record.
  • The request for Consent of Sale.
  • Registration of Naval Mortgage.
  • Discharge of Mortgage.
  • The search for Vessels and Corporations.
  • Dual Flag.
  • Permission for Sale and Cancellation.
  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.
  • Fishing License.
  • International Tonnage Certificate.
  • Reservation of Vessels Name.
  • Reduced Manning authorizations.
  • Extra Crew authorizations.
  • Tonnage for vessels under 24m.
  • Malfunctioning equipment (Lifeboat, Rescue boat).
  • Single voyage authorizations.
  • Malfunctioning Echo Sounder and Speed Log.
  • Dry Dock extensions.
  • Fire Fighting equipment service extensions.
  • Permit to operate High-Speed Craft.
  • Life-Saving Appliance service extensions.
  • ISM declaration of company.
  • ITC endorsements- Tonnage Confirmation.
  • Multiple Flag Authorization
  • ISM+DOC Certificate – interim extension.
  • Exemption certificates Solas, Marpol, Colregs, LL.
  • Authorization for the issuance of statutory certificates.

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