Panamanian Corporations

Investors around the World prefer Panamanian corporations as a consequence of the key advantages they provide for investments. The Panamanian corporations represent a significant instrument frequently employed for modern commercial activities such as legal affairs, fiscal issues, insurance matters, etc.

Since the year 1927, the Republic of Panama has a special law regarding corporations. The Panamanian Company Law encompasses all the important aspects pertaining to this type of moral person, without making distinction amid the place were the company carries out its’ activities or amid the source of it’s income, this is to say, the Panamanian Law does not distinguish amongst “in-shore” and “off-shore” companies. Panama has been able to invigorate and to ameliorate the corporation Law throughout time by means of decrees and ordinances; managing to keep intact it’s simplicity. The Panamanian Company Law respects the principle of free will in private matters, and it is materialized in the Articles of Incorporation of each company.

The Panamanian Company Law is simple and practical, enabling the uncomplicated constitution of a company, its administration and/or its modification. On an equal basis, the Law enables the redomiciliation of a company to or from Panama by means of a simple procedure.

Since Law N°32 on corporations was enacted in 1927, The Treatise on the Corporation Law of the Republic of Panama Commented by Articles, written by Panamanian attorney Juan Pablo Fábrega Polleri, is the first legal work published in our milieu dedicated to the systematic analysis of each and all of the provisions of the Law.


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