Panama: A Destination to Immigrate


Panama is a leading immigration destination due to the many benefits it offers, including Panama City, which is one of the most affordable cities in the world; the presence of first-class medical care and hospitals; the best air connections in Latin America; a good business climate and a friendly immigration system that seeks to attract investment and trained citizens.

The immigration standards of the Republic of Panama allow the entry and residence or visa of citizens of any nationality subject to specific requirements according to the Nationality, occupation and purpose of residence in Panama. Permits and visas are divided into the following categories, among others.At FABREGA MOLINO we are specialists in offering the best immigration solution that adapts to each situation in such a way as to get the most out of it, for the well-being of our clients.

Our service is comprehensive since it facilitates obtaining all the requirements that are demanded for each migratory figure, that is, from the opening of a bank account to the registration of a Panamanian corporate structure (Companies or Foundations) and in addition we can advise you in investments and business opportunities in the country.

(1) Temporary Permit as a Macro-Company Investor (temporary residence for 2 years and subsequent right to apply for permanent residence): Foreigners who wish to invest in a macrocompany with a minimum share capital of US $ 160,000.00 for each permit applicantmay request this permit, they must be shareholders and dignitaries of this company.

Can they bring dependents? Yes. Wife, parents and children under 25 years of age are considered dependents. An additional sum of US$2,000.00 per dependent must be invested.

Note: this category does NOT allow your presentation to be from abroad.

(2) Retirement permit (permanent residence): Anyone who is a pensioner from a foreign government or private company with a minimum monthly sum of US $ 1,000.00 for life canopt for this indefinite residence permit. If they are spouses, between the two they can reachthe sum of US $ 1,000.00, if they acquire a property in a personal capacity greater than US$ 100,000.00 the pension can be US $ 750.00.


Carlos Molino

Principal Partner

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