About Us


FABREGA MOLINO is a Panamanian firm specialized in the practice of law. The Firm stands out due to the depth of their legal knowledge and the excellence of their services.

The Firm is composed of a team of specialized professionals in different branches of the law, committed to providing a reliable and efficient experience.

FABREGA MOLINO represents national and international corporations in various sectors of the economy.

We provide services to banking institutions, insurance companies, construction projects, and hotels.

The Firm also handles aviation, solar energy, mining, telecommunication, and health issues.

FABREGA MOLINO maintains a close relationship with international law firms, allowing it to offer its clients legal solutions in any city in the world.

The Firm´s purpose is materialized day by day due to the role and dedication provided by each of our collaborators.


With our slogan “I AM FABREGA MOLINO,” we transmit a sense of belonging, human quality, always seeking business synergy.

“I AM FABREGA MOLINO” frames the following purposes:

  • To be an ally and a helping hand to all of our clients.
  • Provide legal education through the program “SHARING KNOWLEDGE” through publications, seminars, webinars, talks, and exhibitions.
  • Showing our clients that we are committed to doing a professional job, always looking for practical and efficient solutions.
  • We were always helping and being socially responsible through our FABREGA MOLINO Foundation. We like to start practicing these principles at our home, the Firm. We begin with promoting values, education, and volunteering.
  • The Firm maintains high levels of diversity and inclusion through serious recruitment policies that focus on objectivity and justice.
  • Currently, forty-two percent (42%) of the Firm´s partners are women; this represents the highest percentage in International Firms that are composed of more than 20 lawyers in Panama.
  • Maintain the highest standards regarding law compliance, always seeking the best principles and values.

José Isaac Fabrega

About Us

Our History

Our roots can be traced back to the law firm Chiari & Fabrega, founded by Jose Isaac Fabrega, a respected lawyer and scholar, in the mid-twenties, when Panama began to shape its legal institutions that are now the foundations of the international financial center that the country is today.

The Firm has gone through the usual changes that the lapsing of time requires to adjust to the needs of our local and international clientele, which has taken us to what FABREGA MOLINO is today: a credited law firm within the business and financial community in Panama, committed to the satisfaction of our clients’ requirements through personal attention to provide added value to their businesses.