About Us

We are a Panamanian full service Law Firm with an established tradition of excellence through many decades; constituted by a team of more than 100 professionals of diverse fields, all of them committed to provide you with a trustworthy legal experience.

We focus on the specific needs of corporate clients providing a full-legal service. Our client’s portfolio includes multinational corporations and institutions, banks, manufacturing and trade companies, ship-owners and agents from the Fortune 500 list, also, wellrecognized professional firms around the world and high-net-worth individuals.

Our History

José Isaac Fabrega

Our roots can be traced back to the law firm Chiari & Fabrega, founded by Jose Isaac Fabrega, a respected lawyer and scholar, in the mid twenties, when Panama began to shape its legal institutions that are now the foundations of the international financial center that the country is today.

The firm has gone through the usual changes that the lapsing of time requires to adjust to the needs of our local and international clientele, which has taken us to what FABREGA MOLINO is today: a credited law firm within the business and financial community in Panama, committed to the satisfaction of our clients’ requirements through personal attention to provide added value to their businesses.

Our Values

Our core values are four that we share on benefit of our clients and our community:

  • Excellence
  • Ethics
  • Commitment
  • Respect