Law 156 dated June 30, 2020 - Regarding Economic and Financial Measures to Counter the Effects of Covid-19 In the Republic of Panama

The Panamanian Government enacted Law number 156 on June 30 2020 (hereinafter identified as “the Law”), as a relief measure for people economically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Law, published in the National Gazette on July 1 2020, and effective retroactively as of March 1 2020, established a moratorium period until December 31 2020, for certain credits granted by banks, financing companies (“empresas financieras”)聽and cooperatives (public or privates).聽

The benefits established by the moratorium apply solely to persons affected by the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Law recognizes as “affected persons” those whose employment contract has been suspended or terminated, independent workers and merchants whose activity has been affected by the health measures established by the Executive Branch.

The credit agreements included in the moratorium are:

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Residential mortgage loans.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Personal loans.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Car loans.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Credit cards.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Loans to small and medium-sized companies.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Commercial loans.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Loans to the transportation sector.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Loans to the agricultural sector.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Consumer loans.

To apply to the moratorium, the interested parties must prove their economic affectation, either by way of a sworn statement before a Public Notary or by providing any evidence confirming the reduction of income for independent workers and merchants or the decrease in their working hours, the suspension or termination of their employment contracts, encompassing public and private sector employees.

During this moratorium period, the banks, financing companies (“empresas financieras”) and cooperatives (public or privates), will not be able to increase applied interest rates or collect surcharges or any other interest concerning the credit agreements included in the moratorium.聽

During the declaration of the national state of emergency and up to 60 days after its end, the credit history of the clients registered at Panamanian Credit Association will not be affected.聽

The Law also establishes that once the term of the moratorium expires, the creditors and debtors will negotiate by mutual agreement a refinancing or prorating of the debt, without charging any fees for late payment or any other administrative expense, and without affecting the debtor’s credit references.

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Tatiana Abadia

Of Counsel

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