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FABREGA MOLINO offers a wide range of employment and labor law solutions to assist employers globally. Our professionals have substantial transactional experience and advice on the employment and labor law aspects of multi-jurisdictional corporate reorganizations and mergers and acquisitions.

Our lawyers advise a broad range of large and small corporations, non-profit organizations, and trade associations regularly seek legal advice and counsel from FABREGA MOLINO on issues relating to the employer-employee relationship. These businesses include Multinational Companies (SEM), banks and other financial institutions, manufacturers and distributors, retailers, advertising agencies, and telecommunications companies.

Our broad experience allowed our clients to receive a personal service to resolve all labor-related problems, which include assistance in dismissal executions, drafting of labor contracts and regulations, representation in labor litigations, extra-judicial processes of conciliation and negotiation and collective bargaining agreements.

Relevant Transactions:

  • Legal counsels of a leading pharmaceutical company under the special regime in Panamanian territory, which was provided ongoing advice in all matters related to severance payments during employment terminations and contract rescissions, either on occasion to dismissal, resignation, or mutual agreement, strategic advice on issues of termination individual labor contracts, recruitment of foreign workers, frequent legal consultations on questions according to special legislation.
  • Legal counsels of a multinational dairy produce company, providing advice on training and development of human capital, backing them up with the drafting of employment contracts and working conditions related to the beginning of the employment relationship.
  • Legal counsels of a multinational company dedicated to the Industry and Construction of automotive, metal, and wood, advising the company in matters related to a labor organization, labor audits, organizational structure, and internal controls to prevent conflicts employer-employee. Besides, we advise the company in litigation matters before Panamanian courts and negotiations on labor terminations.
  • Legal counsels of a franchise company in the sector of fashionable clothes and sports retail, advising the company in matters related to a labor organization, drafting contracts, coordination of working positions, and creation of paperwork about labor and employment matters.
  • Legal counsels on issues of hiring foreign workers, rights, obligations, contracts, permits, and regulations of the insurance company sector.
  • Legal counsels in drafting, processing, and approval of internal work regulations to companies in the hospitality sector and logistics operations policies.
  • We are advising in Merger and Acquisitions transactions related to the labor and employment matters of companies in industries of Banking, securities, cement, dairy, restaurant, and service, among others.
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