Intellectual Property

By combining special legal services, we take advantage of an effective action to protect the intellectual property of our clients businesses. Whether our client wants to protect an innovation, market a brand, do businesses over internet, obtain advises on different sectors, prevent competitors from infringing IP rights, our Firm has established a legal services specialized in IP to be able to offer to our clients the necessary tools to provide them with solutions and advantages.

Our firm has decades of experience defending the interests of legitimate trademark owners worldwide, and as such we are able to initiate required legal actions before Panamanian courts and through our corresponding offices assisting abroad.

Due to our international network, we can also take preemptive actions by registering trademarks in the rest of Latin America or elsewhere so as to prevent our clients’ competitors from having a priority right of use.

In addition to trademarks, we also provide consultancy and conduct litigation on:

  • Patents and industrial models,
  • Copyright of publications, software and other literary works,
  • Internet domain names and computer law,
  • Licensing, franchising and trade secret protection

Our experience in other areas also allows us to advice on assignments and holding of intellectual property, in order to structure their ownership for collateralization, asset protection and other business reorganization purposes.

Relevant Transactions

  • Our team of lawyers has negotiated agreements with certain hotels in Panama due royalty payments to producers of phonograms.
  • Our Firm is designated resident agent of the Panamanian Association of Performers (PANAIE) collecting society for artists and performers.

Key Contacts