Intellectual Property

By combining litigation and registration, we effectively protect our client’s intellectual property.¬†

FABREGA MOLINO has decades of experience defending the interests of legitimate trademark owners of intangible assets within the field of Industrial Property and Copyright. Therefore, we have a team trained to initiate the legal actions required before the Panamanian courts. With the support of our international network, through correspondent offices, we manage industrial property portfolios worldwide. 

We offer consulting and conduct of litigation on: 

  • Registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and utility models.¬†
  • Copyright.¬†
  • Licensing, franchising, and trade secret protection.¬†
  • Administration of industrial property portfolios¬†
  • Data Protection¬†
  • Health and drug records¬†

Our experience in other areas also allows us to advise on assignments and ownership of the intellectual property to protect your intangible assets, which are becoming more and more relevant, especially during the era of new technologies. 


Relevant Transactions:

  • The Firm represented a sportswear multinational in the trademark nullity litigation of a trademark that generated controversy in Central America due to the absolute similarity of its registered trademarks.¬†
  • Legal advisor to a foreign tobacco company and obtained a favorable decision in the Courts of Justice in defense of the distinctive character of an animal they used in their packages, which concluded that it was impossible for the accused to use that same animal in their boxes.¬†
  • The Firm has negotiated agreements with certain hotels in Panama to pay royalties to producers of phonograms.¬†
  • The Firm is the resident agent and local advisor to the Panamanian Society of Interpreters (PANAIE) for artists and performers.¬†
  • The Firm advises several leading companies in intellectual property matters in Health and Life Sciences, Mass Consumption, Food, Textiles, and Technology.¬†
  • Legal counsel to a US casual and luxury fashion company to handle intellectual property litigation.¬†
  • ¬†The Firm advises one of Panama’s most important telecommunications companies in intellectual property matters.¬†
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