The migratory standards of the Republic of Panama allow the entrance and residence or visa of citizens of any nationality subject to specific requirements according to the nationality, occupation and purpose of the residence in Panama. The permits and visas are divided in the following categories, between others:

  • Tourism Visa
  • Residence/Visa in Panama for labor purposes
  • Residence in Panama for investment purposes
  • Residence in Panama for retirement purposes
  • Residence in Panama for being a professional (certain professions are limited to nationals)
  • Visa for students
  • Residence for the spouse
  • Visa for medical purposes

There are several advantages regarding the nationality of the foreigner or the specific areas of work (such as Panama Pacifico, Free Zone, City of Knowledge and Branch of Multinational Companies).

After years with the permanent residence (depending in the nationality, marital status with nationals and if the foreigner have Panamanian children) they are eligible for the Citizenship.

Any company wishing to establish in this country, having foreign personnel, must have proper counseling in order to avoid procedures not in accordance with the parameters of the national migratory authorities .  Our firm offers counseling executing in a professional manner all legal procedures that best adjusts to their migratory situation.

Relevant Transactions

  • We represent a company of the industrial and pharmaceutical sector in order to obtain a permanent visa to the staff of Multinational Corporation.
  • We advise international consortium in order to obtain a temporary residence permit as expatriates employed by companies under contract with the government.
  • We represent Asian companies related to logistics and transport sector in order to obtain a residence permits as a executives of international companies, whose functions have effects abroad (formerly known as special temporary visitor).
  • We advise major companies in order to obtain a temporary residence permit under the labor ministry decision within 10% of regular staff
  • Among other things, we provide for different clients in obtaining consultancy:
    • Temporary Resident Permit or as married to Panamanian
    • Residence permit based on the bilateral treaty of friendship between Italy and Panama
    • Short-stay visa for researchers and scientists
    • Temporary permit as a foreign worker on the basis of the Marrakesh Agreement
    • Temporary permit for religious reasons as a religious shepherd of other denominations or religious associations
    • Temporary permit as a retired or pensioned
    • Temporary residence permit by own economic financial solvency by mixed inversion (fixed-term deposit and real estate)
    • Temporary residence permit of own economic financial solvency by fixed-term deposit.
    • Temporary residence permit of own financial solvency by investing in real estate
    • Residence’s permit as a retired person
    • Temporary Resident Permit or as foreign nationals from specific countries that have friendly relations, professional, economic and investment relations with the Republic of Panama
    • Temporary residence’s permit as an executive of the City of Knowledge Foundation.