Health Care & Life Sciences

FABREGA MOLINO provides strategic legal counsel to various companies and organizations in Health Care and Life Sciences matter.

In the Health care department, we handle legal issues regarding relationships between and among providers and legal issues regarding healthcare services delivery.

Life sciences law is a broadly-defined term that encompasses a wide margin of scientific discoveries, innovative ideas, policy judgment, and legal issues that affect the development, distribution, production, and use of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, and medical services. Our team is qualified to help solve the previously stated issues, among other science-related law issues.

Relevant Transactions:

  • The firm advises Pac√≠fica Salud Hospital (affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, LLC) in medical staff, corporate governance, contracts, regulatory compliance, and employment law, among others.
  • The firm advises Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world, on corporate and regulatory matters.
  • The firm advises¬† IVI Panam√°, a local branch of one of the leading assisted reproduction clinics in the world.
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