Government Contracts & International Bids

FABREGA MOLINO has maintained for many years a solid reputation and expertise in privatization projects and government contracts in Panama.

Our wide experience in the practice on Public Contracts, Projects and Privatizations gives us a strong record of expert work and benefits. Our professionals has been involved in many outstanding deals in the industry, informing the legal structure for the process, advising on regulatory, compliance and all the related legal and commercial issues, negotiating and drafting the agreement terms, onwards to conclusion.

The Panama Canal’s expansion, the Metro of Panama project, the Tocumen International Airport expansion, and other related projects that will be developed in the medium and long term will provide a significant potential for attracting foreign direct investment to our country.

Relevant Transactions

  • FABREGA MOLINO advised the Spanish company CLH Aviación in the tender for the fuel dispatch of the Tocumen International Airport, to which the public tender was awarded in September 2017.
  • Legal Advisors of AYESA-TMB- INELECTRA Consortium, bringing together Agua y Estructuras S.A.U. (AYESA), Ferrocarril Metropolita de Barcelona e Inelectra Servicios S.A., for the Public Bid No. 2010 -0-03-0-08-AV-001104, which awarded the Metro Project Management for a global amount of US$27, 975,640.06.
  • Legal Advisors of VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRAND PROJETS, French corporation, part of a joint venture, for its pre-qualification to participate in a bid for the design and construction of the first line of the Panamanian Metro.
  • Legal Advisors of the AEROTOCUMEN Consortium to bid for the construction of the new terminal (Muelle Norte) of the Tocumen International Airport. The bid was adjudicated to AEROTOCUMEN.
  • Legal advisors of Digicel Group, a foreign company engaged in telecommunications business, for its prequalification to obtain a concession to operate cell phone communications in Panama. Digicel was awarded with one of the two concessions available.
  • Legal advisors of Mitsubishi Corporation, a Japanese corporation part of one of the consortiums pre-qualified to participate in a tender for the design and construction of the third set of locks as part of the expansion of the Panama Canal. The firm advised the company on foreign investment regulations; operations of foreign companies in Panama; commercial, labor and migration matters among others.