FABREGA MOLINO'S Mentoring Program

FABREGA MOLINO’S Mentoring Program assigns senior partners and partners as mentors to every associate. We have continued with our mentoring program using virtual means; consider these principles:

  • A good mentor is an accomplished individual sharing his/her own experiences, seeking to develop other people, asking powerful questions, providing feedback, and being able to share honest insight.
  • Besides sharing knowledge, creating successful mentoring
    Relationships can lead to more significant career achievements in organizations.
  • Be a mentor in FABREGA MOLINO’s mentoring program means always look forward to brainstorming discussions and constructive feedback sessions, immensely enjoying providing support and enthusiasm, and rejoicing with the mentee’s achievement.

    We are delighted to share a picture of the recently virtual mentoring session between Gretel Ciniglio de Perez as a mentor and Lourdes Bishop as the mentee. They look having fun!