FABREGA MOLINO maintains its compromise of sharing knowledge and experience

FABREGA MOLINO organized a fantastic event gathering our dearest friends and colleagues from the Panamanian legal community to present and celebrate the “Third Edition of the Treaty on the Panamanian Corporations Law, commented by Articles”. The Firm donated copies of said book to the invited law firms for their libraries as an academic contribution.

Amidst an atmosphere of camaraderie, the event started with introductory remarks from our Firm’s Partner, Madame Liza Maye Diaz, who provided an insightful overview of the book’s author. We were then honoured to hear from the author himself, Mr. Juan Pablo F√°brega Polleri, as he shared essential insights on this publication and emphasized the significance of writing and contributing to the development of local legal literature. The event culminated with the author personally signing copies of the books.

The “Third Edition of the Treaty on the Panamanian Corporations Law, commented by Articles” represents a significant achievement, comprising 1228 pages. Within its folios, readers will profit from the analysis of 208 judgments issued by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Panama and a comprehensive review of our applicable legislation in effect up to the publication date of this third edition, focusing specifically on Panamanian corporations.

Moreover, this edition thoroughly analyses emerging legal issues, conflicts, and intricate situations that FABREGA MOLINO has encountered in recent years within corporate relationships. Many of these case studies originate from inquiries by our esteemed Panamanian colleagues, some of whom were present at the event, as well as from legal professionals locally and abroad. Additionally, the treatise incorporates subject matters that the author has personally addressed as an expert witness and arbitrator in corporate disputes.

Across more than a thousand pages, this comprehensive treatise delves into and examines 1209 legal concepts and principles within Panamanian corporate law. The book is supplemented with a robust analytical index comprising over 900 terms, facilitating easy navigation throughout its contents.

The book is available in paperback and electronic versions, albeit exclusively in Spanish; nevertheless, we are currently preparing its English version.

FABREGA MOLINO extends its deepest gratitude to all our esteemed colleagues and friends who joined us in celebrating this significant event. We remain steadfast in our commitment to sharing knowledge and look forward to future endeavours that enrich Panamanian legal literature.