Energy & Natural Resources

Our Firm provides support and advice on full spectrum of Energy and Natural Resources issues across the board for oil, gas, and mineral producers, to governments and national energy companies, electric transmission companies; developers and owners of wind power and other renewable energy sources as well as companies trading electricity, natural gas, financial instruments, and emissions; and financial institutions providing capital and related services to these industries.

We have wide experience, such as, contractual and financing aspects, planning aspects and issues derived from compliance and regulatory aspects, licenses and government concessions, which enables us to provide our clients with truly commercial and balanced legal advice.

Relevant Transactions

  • Legal Advisors during the financing and recent acquisition of the Pan Am energy plant. The Firm all the legal banking documentation related to the financial transaction.
  • Legal advisors to the financing and expansion of the Bahia Las Minas Energy Plant. The Firm acted as legal advisor of one of the participant banks of such transaction, revising and preparing all legal documentation.
  • Legal advisors for the bond issue of the company “Generación Eléctrica EGE Fortuna, S.A.” an energy plant.
  • Legal advisors of the shareholders of Corporacion Incem, S.A., company owned by Cemento Panama, S.A. and subsidiary of Holderbank Financiere Glaris and Cementos Del Caribe, S.A. The Firm negotiated the terms and conditions, structured the sales transaction through the Stock Exchange; prepared the data room; carried out the proceedings before the National Exchange Commission to obtain its approval and execute the transaction. This was the first Tender Offer undertaken in the history of Panama.
  • Legal advisors to the Argentinean company, Compañía Perez and the Colombian company EMGESA, the latter is a subsidiary of the Chilean company ENDESA, in the privatization process of the power generation and distribution companies owned by the government of Panama. The Firm carried out the legal due diligence of the companies in all areas.
  • Legal advisors of the Spaniard group, AVANTE, for the purchase of the majority of the Panamanian company Electron Investment, S.A., dedicated to the construction of a hydro energy project plant. The Firm negotiated the terms and conditions of the agreements; carried out the corresponding legal due diligence of the company to be purchased and took care of the legal work to take over the operation.
  • Legal advisors of COPESA, energy plant. The Firm acts as counsel for the banks prepared all the legal documentation related to the financing and the expansion of this plant. The financing reorganization of COPESA energy plant. The Firm acted on behalf of the banks leading the finance reorganization of the plant.
  • Legal advisors to an operation of a thermal power plant for the corporate restructuring having the Panamanian Government as minority shareholder.
  • Legal advisors of an owner engineer for a civil claim related to the construction of a hydro power plant.
  • Legal advisors of a potential buyer of a concession of a hydro project located in the Province of Veraguas, including the due diligence and development of such project.
  • Legal advisors of a third party interested in a potential participation in a natural gas power project (656 MW) including the due diligence of the project and analysis of the legal risk associated to the power purchase agreements.
  • Legal advisors of a participant of a public bid organized by local regulator (ETESA) for the supply of power and energy.
  • Legal advisors of a seller of the assets consisting in three thermal power plants located in Colon Province (387 MW) and a hydroelectric plant located in Chiriqui Province pursuant to certain stock purchase agreement under the laws of New York.
  • Legal advisors of a participant of a Public Bid organized by ETESA identified with Number LPI. 04-2014 dated on September 30th, 2014 for the supply of energy and power generated by a thermal power plant.
  • Legal advisors of a participant of a Public Bid organized by ETESA identified with Number LPI. ETESA 01-15 for the supply of energy and power generated by a thermal power plant.
  • Legal advisors of buyer an assets consisted on three Solar Plants located in Coclé and Azuero (27.502 MW) pursuant to certain stock purchase agreement, as well as, legal advisors on regulation, commercial and environmental matters during the constructions. Legal advisors of the Borrowers for the financing of the project.