About Us

Our Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy

FABREGA MOLINO is continuously developing and collaborating in several projects that promote women’s leadership, the inclusion of persons with special needs, and respecting various religions within our Firm and within the legal community in Panama.

 FABREGA MOLINO encourages the participation of women in leadership roles: 

  • Out of our 12 partners, 5 are women.
  • Women hold our top executive positions.
  • We created a unique work schedule for every person in the Firm that adapts to each employee’s necessities.
  • We are building a particular area for nursing mothers at our Firm.
  • We are founding members of WIP in Panama (the “Women in the Profession” Association, an association created to develop the legal profession within female lawyers and to maintain women in said exercise in Panama, that was founded internationally by the Vance Center in New York)¬†¬†
  • We have created a workspace and atmosphere where persons with special needs can work, belong, and feel at ease.
  • We have a Senior Partner who is a member of the Jewish Community in Panama. We are organized to respect religious traditions, including those relating to food habits.¬†
  • We have a very complete and thorough internship program that has benefited lawyers from around the World, Law School students, and High School students who are considering studying Law.
  • Besides, we have a very complete and active Pro-Bono Program, focusing on education, environmental, youth, and legal issues.
  • Our Partners have been assisting several cases in Panama regarding same-sex marriage, which is currently prohibited by our Constitution and by our Civil Code.¬†
  • We have helped several same-sex couples organize their estate and plan their succession since same-sex couples have no rights in Panama concerning succession matters.
  • Our Firm is planning to apply for the “Gender Equality Seal” granted by the UNDP. The challenge we have is that 60% of our employees are female. We are reviewing our hiring policies to maintain an adequate balance in our employee force.