Cybersecurity & Data protection

The world changes at a dizzying pace, and with each step technology takes, new environments emerge. The most significant recent development arose through the Internet, which continues to evolve and transform the way we communicate and do business, which has brought with it the need to protect the technological infrastructure against countless threats in this increasingly complex environment. Many will try to steal secrets of the competition (corporate and industrial espionage), personal data for extortion, theft of financial assets, blackmail, blocking of systems, identity theft, destruction of information, sale of data on the dark web, among others.

All of the above implies that, since data coexists in a not only physical but also digital environment, it is vital for organizations to guarantee the security of data even before acquiring it.

In 2019, a new personal data protection law was passed in Panama. This law will come into force in March 2021 and will require companies to install protocols and systems for the custody, collection, and treatment of personal data contained in their databases.

FABREGA MOLINO has a team of professionals with the expertise to support our clients in this novel area of law to address the needs that arise as new technologies advance, accompanying our clients in complying with existing regulations.

We advise a large number of leading companies in different sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, franchise, and consumer goods, as well as multinational companies of well-known brands worldwide.

This practice provides the following services:

  • Compliance advises risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Preventive support to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Advice to companies in the proper handling of data protection.
  • Assessment of data protection and cybersecurity problems in M&A transactions.
  • Design of corporate policies, protocols, and procedures for the compilation, safeguarding, and treatment of personal data, as well as for the attention of practices and claims in the matter.
  • Review and drafting of contracts related to cybersecurity and data protection.
  • Legal representation in handling administrative and judicial disputes in the matter.
Relevant transactions:
  • Legal advisors of a company dedicated to the investigation and compilation of compromised information, leaked within the Dark Web, to protect the personal data of the end customers of the companies to which it offers the service.
  • Legal advisors of a financial company dedicated to granting financing through click contracts and electronic signature.
  • Legal advisors of a multinational open capital company dedicated to electronic commerce, retail marketing, and web hosting regarding data centers.
  • Legal advisors to a US company that offers social networking and social media services, which required advice on the data protection regulations applicable in Panama.