Corporate Governance & Compliance

In FABREGA MOLINO we understand that the management of Corporate Governance and Compliance are key issues in the current industry, which makes companies, have the need for the risk function and the fulfillment of the objectives to meet the requirements to comply with existing regulations.

That is the reason FABREGA MOLINO provides constant and updated advice on the compliance of our corporate clients on the legal problems that affect their business more frequently, helping them and minimizing the operational and regulatory risks that may arise. Our specialists combine their knowledge through corporate relationships, litigation, investigations, legal certainty and compliance with standards and processes in order to provide their clients with a holistic vision, and solve any problem or conflict that may bother your clients.

The compliance department offers a broad spectrum in terms of national and international standards including regulations that cover internal policies and procedures adopted by organizations, to minimize the risk the organization may incur, and ensure the ethical behavior and personal conduct of the employees of the organization and other representatives. Our team is highly trained to involve in the effective design, implementation and supervision of policies, programs, processes and practices related to operations and business development, our clients, the activities of the organization, as well as the early detection of possible violations in legal matters.

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Relevant Transactions:

  • FABREGA MOLINO has been involved in the compliance processes of product, merger or acquisition organizations for leading companies in the Energy, Infrastructure, Mass Consumption, Pharmaceutical sector, among others.
  • FABREGA MOLINO has participated in the creation of policies and practices of Due Diligence and Compliance for various leading organizations in their sector.
  • FABREGA MOLINO has collaborated and advised its clients in the process of applying measures related to Corporate Governance.
  • FABREGA MOLINO constantly offers talks to promote good practices on Corporate Governance and Compliance.
  • We have advised national and international clients from various sectors in the area of ​​compliance with the implementation of government and compliance solutions, assistance in the implementation of models, audit reports, regulatory compliance requirements up to risk management in organizations.
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