Business Opportunity Panama - The Panama Maritime Authority tenders the operation services of Maritime Facilities.

The Panama Maritime Authority tenders the operation services of the Balboa Shipyard facilities, which includes the rehabilitation, development and administration of the site, for a 20-year term 

  • The Balboa Shipyard, dating back more than 100 years, located in the Pacific, is the only facility in Panama and in the entire region that has three (3) dry docks, one with the necessary dimensions to service Panamax vessels.¬†
  • This tender is intended to reactivate the ship repair industry in the Republic of Panama, which creates a direct economic impact, by generating direct and indirect jobs, taking into account the value of geographical position of Panama¬†
  • The Balboa Shipyard is the only point for dry repairs between Chile and Mexico.¬†
  • Reference value:¬†US¬†¬†$18.000.000.¬†
  • Deadline for receipt of tenders: May 18, 2021.¬†

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