Business Opportunity - Panama's Ministry of Public Works tenders Road work

Panama’s Ministry of Public Works¬†tenders¬†the design,¬†construction¬†and rehabilitation of streets and roads located in the districts of Almirante and Bocas del Toro.

The project consists of the streets and roads listed below:

  • Design, Construction and Financing of the Quebrada Pinzon Roads, branches to Quebrada Platano – Quebrada Los Pueblos, approximately 11.77 km.
  • Design, Construction and Financing of the Loma Estrella – Tierra Oscura Road, approximately 6.1 km.
  • Design, Construction, Rehabilitation and Financing of the Internal Streets of the Almirante District, approximately 1.73 km.
  • Reference value:¬†US $27,802,546.
  • Deadline for receipt of tenders: March 17, 2021.

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