Business Opportunity - Panama's Maritime Authority tenders Dock Construction.

Panama’s Maritime Authority¬†tenders¬†Dock Construction.

Panama’s Maritime Authority¬†tenders¬†the study, design, development and approval of plans and construction of the new fiscal dock of Puerto Armuelles, to be located in the district of Baru in the province of Chiriqui.

The project includes the development of the studies, designs, development and approval of the plans and construction of the New Fiscal Dock of Puerto Armuelles, as well as the supply of furniture, tools, equipment and materials necessary for the perfect operation of the offices and dock area.

The project contemplates a total area of 10,296 m2, divided as follows:

  • Port land area 710 m2
  • Marine area 435 m2
  • Maritime area: 9,151 m2¬†

The dock must have the necessary characteristics and dimensions to guarantee the correct operation of the provisioning of vessels using the new facilities.

The contractor shall consider the wide range of tides in the area, as well as their effect on the clearances, elevation, fender systems and any other associated structures of the piers in such a way as to guarantee access to vessels under any tidal conditions.

The docking and maneuvering area shall guarantee a minimum depth of 3.00 meters on the inside. To determine this depth, the minimum extreme tide level recorded in the area shall be taken as a reference.

Reference value: US $20,198,670.

Deadline for receipt of tenders: August 2, 2021.

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