Arbitration & Litigation

Nowadays, businesses are facing strong competition and must manage the risks and challenges locally and internationally.

FABREGA MOLINO has an expert and experienced team of professionals who represent our clients before Courts, Tribunals, and Arbitration panels concerning various matters.

Our professionals regularly represent clients in cases relating to securities and bond related claims, trademarks and patents, competition, class actions, consumer rights, banking and finance litigation, commercial, maritime, labor and employment, and many other matters.

We act as litigation counsel for individuals and small, medium, and large businesses. We also represent them in the use of constitutional remedies to protect their rights.

Likewise, the Arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution has become an essential part of our services, FABREGA MOLINO’s team has had an outstanding performance in negotiation matters, as well as in conflicting and non-conflicting situations.

Our Firm has decades of experience and a very skilled and diverse group of attorneys, paralegals, and supporting staff to provide our clients with the best possible representation.

The Firm has managed processes over US$50 million, advising our clients on bankruptcy proceedings over US$1.100 million, lawsuits against the State over US$ 5 million, all while handling over 200 simultaneous cases of litigation. Our experience includes numerous economic sectors and areas such as real estate, development, construction and engineering, environmental, energy & natural resources, labor, maritime, tax, intellectual property, banking & finance, capital markets, among others.

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Relevant Transactions:

  • We represented a major construction company in an arbitration procedure against another contractor that ended in 2020, related to a government housing project.¬†
  • The Firm represented a former government official in a criminal procedure regarding possible misappropriation of public property. Our client was absolved of all charges.¬†
  • We represented a major advertising company in Panama in a lawsuit regarding an alleged US$40 million breach of an advertising contract.
  • The Firm represented an insurance company in a claim regarding payment of a bail related to a billionaire lawsuit between an electric company and an energy concession company.
  • We represent a transnational company in a US$7 million claim due to alleged damages derived from an accidental death.
  • We acted as legal advisors for companies in bankruptcy proceedings exceeding US$15 million.
  • We acted as counsel in court of a radio advertisement company against a transnational corporation, who violated our client‚Äôs copyright.
  • The Firm advises and represents brokerage houses in million-dollar proceedings regarding investment accounts.
  • We acted as counsel of a local company in court against a transnational company in a claim regarding the illegal sale of a US$10 million property.
  • We represent and have represented medical professionals in medical malpractice claims.
  • The Firm represents clients in claims exceeding US$60 million regarding the theft or loss of share certificates.
  • We represent and have represented both buyers and real estate developers in million-dollar breach of contract claims.
  • We acted as legal counsel of a television station in a complaint regarding the use of a celebrity‚Äôs image without his or her consent.
  • We represent clients in any number of claims exceeding $ 60 million for theft or loss of share certificate.
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