Anti-corruption and Compliance

FABREGA MOLINO believes in addressing the corruption challenge with a dual approach: We help companies proactively comply with anti-corruption laws and compliance regulations and represent them in investigations and regulatory proceedings.

Our lawyers assist clients around the globe with the challenges of navigating the current climate of intensified regulation and enforcement. We are experienced in handling the most complicated matters involving Foreign Corrupt Practices and other anti-corruption laws. We conduct internal investigations, create and implement compliance programs, perform compliance risk assessments, and conduct due diligence on potential merger and acquisition targets, joint venture partners, and high-risk third parties. We also counsel clients on compliance issues arising from international licensing, sales, and marketing and are well-versed in laws that relate to dealing with government officials and authorities worldwide.

We bring value to our clients in diverse industry experience, assisting them from a wide variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals; healthcare; defense; aerospace; energy; transportation; advertising; technology and telecommunications; insurance; commercial and consumer product manufacturing; food products; and leading investment banks and other financial institutions.

Our team assists clients in all phases of their compliance and risk mitigation strategy, from conducting risk assessments and evaluating existing compliance programs to developing new policies and procedures. Compliance services include:

  • Designing and implementing internal anti-corruption programs.
  • Identifying company-specific risks related to bribery, fraud, and corruption and implementing solutions to mitigate those risks in numerous jurisdictions.
  • Conducting anti-corruption training and compliance program implementation.
  • Monitoring compliance with anti-corruption laws and government agreements.
  • Counseling clients on anti-corruption issues related to mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, and joint ventures involving international businesses and sales operations.

Relevant Transactions:

  • FABREGA MOLINO has been involved in the compliance processes of product, merger, or acquisition organizations for leading companies in the Energy, Infrastructure, Mass Consumption, Pharmaceutical sector, among others.
  • FABREGA MOLINO has participated in creating policies and practices of Due Diligence and Compliance for various leading organizations in their sector.
  • We have advised national and international clients from various sectors in the area of compliance with the implementation of government and compliance solutions, assistance in the performance of models, audit reports, regulatory compliance requirements up to risk management in organizations.
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