Internacional Tender – Chiriquí Grande – Panamá III 500 KV Line and Associated Substations

Project Summary
Due to the construction of new hydroelectric, solar, wind and thermal power stations in the western side of the country.

It´s necessary to increase the transmission capacity of the electric power lines originating at Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro towards the metropolitan area of Panama and Colon cities.  Given the increase in load in the metropolitan areas, we require the studies for design and construction of a Fourth transmission line from Bocas del Toro province, beginning at a new 500KV Chiriquí Grande substation, to the new 500KV Panama III substation. The following works are required for the operation of this Project:

  1. 1280MVA, 500 KV Transmission line with an approximate length of 330 km.
  2. Construction of a new 500/230 KV Chiriquí Grande substation, build an extension of the 500/230 KV Panama III substation and the installation of Static-Var Compensator of +150 / – 30 MVAR at Panama III substation.

Type of Project

500 KV Transmission Line and 500/230KV Substation

Project Cost

B/. 474,982,000

Project Structure

There will be a design and construction bid that will include environmental, sociological, operating and coordination studies

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